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(650) 725-9955

A confidential counselor is available 24/7 to help you navigate your options.  

Stanford No Contact

Stanford's Title IX Coordinator is empowered to issue temporary no contact directives.  Each case is assessed on an individualized basis for appropriate response; not all measures are warranted for every case. If an accused student is found responsible or if the accused party agrees to stay away, the no contact becomes an ongoing restriction for so long as the complainant is a student. Spouses and partners of students and post-doctoral scholars may be complainants under Stanford's Title IX processes and are eligible to request No Contact Order relating to on-campus interactions.

Please note that requesting a No Contact directive will result in a formal notification to the University.

For an immediate No Contact Order

During business hours contact

Stephen Chen, Title IX Coordinator and Director of SHARE Title IX Office
Kingscote Gardens, 2nd Floor
419 Lagunita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 497-4955

The Title IX Coordinator will coordinate with appropriate staff.

After hours contact

If a No Contact is needed urgently during non-business hours, both Residence Deans and Graduate Life Deans are authorized to issue them until the Title IX Coordinator is able to review a situation.

Undergraduate students contact the campus operator at (650) 723-2300 and ask to be connected to the undergraduate Residence Dean on call.

Graduate students text the GLO pager at Include your name and reason for paging in the message. Optionally, you can call the GLO pager at 650-723-7288. You will reach a Stanford operator. Provide pager ID #25085 and indicate that you need to reach the graduate dean-on-call.